What is a Blog?

A blog is a website which easily allows a company, social group or an individual — no matter who they are, to document events, express viewpoints and inform of news. In fact, you may publish any opinion or piece of information about any topic at all.

There are millions of blogs, in all shapes and sizes and there are no real rules to blogging or who is entitled to be a blogger.

5 Reasons to Blog?

  1. The list of possible topics to blog about are endless
  2. Blogging is one of the quickest and most far reaching ways to engage and expand your online audience
  3. Blogs are very easily updated — add blog posts from your laptop, netbook or mobile phone
  4. Search engines rate them too — regularly updated and well written blogs receive greater amounts of internet traffic
  5. Blogs are free!

How does a Blog work?

Recently added blog ‘posts’ show up at the top of your blog, so visitors read your most up-to-date entries first. Blog posts are often listed in categories down the side of the blog web page to make it easy to locate related or additional blog information.

Visitors may even comment on your blog posts, or link back to them from their own websites or blog.

Blog posts not only consist of written content, but you may upload your own photos and video content too, just like you would onto Flickr or Youtube.

Tip! Blogs need to be updated on a regular basis — weekly, if not daily.

What does a Blog look like?

You can download pre-designed templates to theme your blog any way you wish. Most compaines, however, choose to design their blog to reflect the look and feel of their website to maintain consistent branding across both the website and the blog.

To start a blog for yourself, your group, or for your company, you simply install a peice of free software onto your web hosting platform and follow the installation instructions. Once finished, you will be 'blogging' within minutes.