Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

What is Pay-Per-Click Marketing?

Pay-per-click is a form of paid online marketing which helps drive targeted traffic to your website. The adverts are usually shown on the search engine results pages or sometimes on external websites. The system works using a bidding system between you and other online advertisers, where you set maximum bids on keywords and then create a series of adverts which will be displayed when people search for them. Your adverts will appear when people search for keywords, but you only pay when they click through to your website. An overall maximum budget ensures that your marketing spend keeps inside your limits.

Sometimes, you may also see PPC marketing this referred to as CPC (cost-per-click) or SEM (search engine marketing). Confusing eh?

The most popular PPC networks on the internet include:

google adwords logo

Google Adwords

microsoft adcenter logo

Microsoft Adcenter

yahoo search marketing logo

Yahoo Search Marketing

A number of large social networking sites have recently started offering paid advertising services. These sites have a great deal of information about the people who are registered to use them, so it is possible to create some very targeted campaigns. Examples of paid advertising on social websites include:

facebook logo


linkedin marketing logo


A well optimised and highly targeted pay-per-click campaign is one of the most effective forms of marketing on the internet.

PPC Marketing with Assemble

Setting up and then managing your PPC campaign can be a very daunting and time consuming task. With PPC marketing it can be easy to spend money, but it is more difficult working out if your marketing budget can be reduced or spent more effectively by bidding on different keywords or by targeting other areas.

Assemble can give you the confidence that your budget is being spent on keywords that are driving enquiries or purchases. This gives you the freedom to do what you do best, concentrate on running your business.

If you would like us to discuss a PPC campaign or review your account and give you some advice on how to improve the performance then please get in touch.