Email Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to advertise new promotions, products or services to your existing customers. As these people are already familiar with your company, you will often find great conversion rates and return on investment (ROI) compared to other forms of marketing.

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We have experience using many of the leading email broadcast platforms. There are certain limitations on some of the different systems so it is important to pick one that is suitable for your needs. If you are moving over to a new system then we will be able to provide training to ensure the migration runs smoothly.

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Assemble have a flexible approach when it comes to managing your email marketing campaign. We are happy to adapted the way we work in order to suit the needs of your business. There are several key stages to email marketing:

Email Collection

We can modify your website to add an email signup box to allow you to start gathering email addresses for your future campaigns. If you are paying to generate traffic to your website, then adding an email signup form to your site can be a great way to maximise your ROI.

If you are considering purchasing a list of addresses then we can recommend a supplier or help you asses some of the quotes you have already been provided with.

Email Template Design

Your email will be designed and then converted into html. The design will be tested to ensure that it displays correctly in all of the major email clients.

Email Content

Firstly, it's important to choose the right subject line. The average consumer receives more than 300 emails a week — 62% of which are spam, so picking the wrong ‘subject’ and your email could be deleted without a second thought.

Furthermore, many spam filters and firewalls block emails based on a predefined set of rules. Words such as ‘free’ and ‘offer’; exclamation marks and block capitalization, even the ‘wrong’ font color can all consign your email to the junk folder before it ever reaches the target recipient’s inbox.

The email itself which you send out will need populating with all of your latest offers. If you feel confident editing html code then this is somehting which you can do yourself. However, we can always assist if needed!

Broadcasting your Message

Assemble are happy to manage the broadcast (sending bulk emails) of your message, or hand over full control to you. The most important thing is that the email is delivered when you feel your customers are most receptive to receiving your offers!

Data Analysis & Reporting

One of the great elements of email marketing is the tracking and analytics data on how many people viewied, clicked and actioned the email. This data can then be used to improve your next email or for further segmentation of your email marketing list.

Email Marketing Legislation

Assemble will ensure that all of your email marketing will comply with all of the current laws and legislation:

  1. If the person you are sending to has had no contact with you previously — you need to ask for permission first.
  2. If you have already had a business relationship then you can email them until they ask you to no longer send emails BUT see 3!
  3. For 2 to apply, you must be offering SIMILAR products and services to those previously offered.
  4. Make sure your email makes it clear who it is from.
  5. Include a valid reply address.
  6. Include an ‘unsubscribe’ link in your emails.


Then take advantage of the Assemble 1-2-3 Email Marketing offer today!